Jade Stone & Priceless Items

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Jade Stone Mystery                       Biggest Cat Eye 1,800 carats

Their ancestral heritage or obtained from the excavation of treasure, or even get it GHOIB!. But this Jade photo with Utaz and me. The old folk say from GHOIB !. approximately weight 93 kg, diameter 90 cm, 4 cm thick. when illuminated by light, and appear four dragons as below picture, in the middle is the kwan yin. Also Chinese ancestral character on it.


Well after the mystery behind the jade was appear is revealed to me, hopefully this is real thing happen in my life. A mysterious jade which have not only give hope to the perpetrators. With little experience and prudence, for example by testing hardness and density testing, would be immediately known, whether jade offered truly genuine jade, replicas or imitations. It is apparently quite understood by the artists, both in Indonesia, in China or in Taiwan, so they create artificial jade and jade imitation that its properties at a glance almost resemble genuine jade. 

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